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1. Generalities

The following clauses are applicable to commercial affairs between S.C. West RomTrucks Ltd further referred to as the seller and the recipient of the goods called the buyer. When a contract containing specific clauses has been concluded between the parties, the contract has priority. By signing the goods receipt documents (invoices, accompanying notices), the sales conditions of the seller are considered to be accepted and the invoice is the proof of commercial obligations in accordance with the provisions of the Commercial Code.

2. Orders:

  Orders to our organization can be made by ordering directly on the site after signing up as a customer with all the necessary invoicing data using the ordering codes produced on the company's WEB page. This is necessary given the complexity of the product codes, the importance of each letter in the code, the product information view, and technical product data so the customer can be sure the product is the one he needs and wants to buy (Entered in the order)

All orders submitted by the buyer are subject to Seller's acceptance.

Each order must contain the order number and date, the buyer's name, and billing, quantity, and ordering codes, complete shipping address.

VPlease, before completing the order, if you have concerns about a product, call our operators, phone or send your questions to the following e-mail address: 

Each online order receives a confirmation reply via email and in the account opened on the site in max 24 hours: (COMMENTS ON DAYS: MONDAY TO FRIDAY)

- Delivery date and availability for delivery

- Products immediately available from stock

- Products that are not in stock but can be shipped at another delivery time

- Transport costs:

- Delivery status to the carrier



In the case of individuals it is mandatory to send the CNP code that will be entered in the invoice according to the legislation in force.

The value of the shipment will be communicated by mail depending on the carrier option and the parcel weight.

For products not in stock, the delivery deadline is communicated to the buyer, the order being considered as firm if there is no written cancellation (by e-mail, fax) from the buyer.




3. Processing of personal data:

WEST ROMTRUCKS SRL was registered in the Register of personal data processing under no. ……………………………….

Represents any operation or set of operations that is performed on personal data by automatic or non-automatic means such as collecting, recording, organizing, storing, adapting or modifying, extracting, consulting, using, disclosing to third parties by transmission, dissemination Or in any other way, joining or combining, blocking, deleting or destroying.

According to the requirements of the Law no. 677/2001 for the protection of persons with regard to the processing of personal data and the free circulation of such data, modified and completed, WEST ROMTRUCKS SRL has the obligation to manage safely and only for the specified purposes: - FISCAL DOCUMENTS DEFINITION - TRADE FAXES , Personal data you provide about yourself, a member of your family, or another person.


WEST ROMTRUCKS SRL will not disclose any information about the USERS / CLIENTS of the site without first obtaining their express consent in this respect.

At the same time, however, it may disclose information and personal data when this is expressly requested for by law.

If your personal data has already been submitted and you wish it to be removed from our records, please contact us through the Contact Form.

WEST ROMTRUCKS SRL respects the right to confidentiality of the data of every person accessing the site.

WEST ROMTRUCKS SRL will not collect personal data about you (name, address, telephone or e-mail address) (hereinafter referred to as "Personal Data") unless you otherwise disclose this information to us.

If you do not want your personal data to be collected, please do not provide it to us.


4. Prices:

Product prices are made available to the buyer by phone, WEB page, catalogues.

Product prices are made available to the buyer by phone, WEB page, catalogues.


Prices displayed on site - include VAT

Prices displayed on site - DO NOT INCLUDE TRANSPORT COSTS


The choice of mode of transport (carrier) is agreed with the buyer

(See - Shipping and delivery costs)

5. Delivery and Transportation:

5.1 For deliveries in the country:

The seller will deliver by the following means:

Authorized express courier carrier with which West RomTrucks has transport service contracts (TNT, DHL).

5.2 For deliveries outside the country

The seller will deliver by the following means:

Authorized express courier carrier with which West RomTrucks has transport service contracts (TNT, DHL).




5.5 seller will not be liable for delivery delays caused by the carrier.

5.6 Deliveries will be made exclusively by express courier from our central warehouse in Europe.

The delivery term is 3-5 business days from the payment confirmation in our account. The confirmation of the money in the account is considered until 12 noon, from which the delivery period is calculated.

For emergency shipments there is a 24-hour delivery option with the emergency charge required by the courier company.

For all shipment we have contracts with courier companies with preferential prices.

The cost of shipping will be highlighted separately for each delivery so there is a total transparency of all the amounts paid by you.

Our company always has in stock most of the products used in the field of bodywork production of all kinds. These products are highlighted in green on each side. Those highlighted in red are not in the stock at the time and can be brought to order within a deadline later communicated by West RomTrucks. Due to the online payment method, there may be exceptions where an existing product in stock at one time is paid by more buyers, and the stock update is not done concurrently with the money confirmation in our account. In this situation, we will complete the stock as soon as possible and we will deliver these products to you as soon as we have them in the management. We apologize in advance if such a situation arises, and in this case, you can request full refund of the amount paid (if the package delivery process has not started) or you will receive the purchased products as soon as possible.


6. Payment methods and payment terms:

Payment methods and payment terms:

Exceeding the agreed payment term would result in the payment of 0.1% per day of the unpaid amount in the invoice.

The seller reserves the right to set and change the terms of payment to the buyer, with prior notice from the buyer.

6.1 Customers may pay into the account of ING Bank only on the basis of the pro forma invoice issued by the sales service.

6.2 IIf the Customer refuses to receive the package from the courier, we reserve the right to refuse any further order, with the Client's notification of placing a new order

6.3 Individuals can not make payments to the Treasury account!


7. Product reception:

The reception of the products is done according to the law, as the case may be:

 - at the buyer's premises in the presence of the carrier

-  any claim regarding the integrity of the package and compliance with the invoice is made within 5 days of receipt


8. Returns: Guarantees


8.1 Products purchased remotely may be returned according to O.G. 130/2000. The Consumer (ONLY PHYSICAL PERSON) has the right to notify in writing to the merchant that he renounces the purchase, without penalties and without invoking a reason,

Within 14 business days of receiving its product,,

The return of the products will be at the expense of the customer, within

14 business days after termination of contract, (EGO34 / 2014)

Using the same shipping service as the shipment.

WEST ROMTRUCKS SRL will return the order value within 14 days from the written termination of the contract.

Reimbursement and return terms do not include travel costs.

We do not accept products for return that are subject to physical changes, strokes, scratches, scratches, shocks, etc.

The contract is concluded when the tax invoice is issued and not when the order is issued or the automatic confirmation is issued to receive this order.

 8.2 The Buyer will execute the receipt of the products and / or any test deemed necessary within 5 days from the reception.

Any non-compliance with quantity, product quality will be communicated to the seller within 5 business days of receiving the goods.

8.3 further details on the return policy, please refer to the MONEY BACK GUARANTEE section


9. Final clauses:

Delivering products are the property of the seller until full payment of the invoice, including any penalties due as appropriate.

The buyer undertakes to bear the risks arising from fire, theft, misuse, from receipt of the goods until full payment of the invoices.

Any disputes that may arise in connection with this Agreement will be settled amicably or, if applicable, by the Commercial Section of the Timisoara Tribunal.


Website Notes


If you need more information about a product than the ones presented on the site please contact us at

 - West RomTrucks SRL can not guarantee and can not be held responsible for the fact that the information presented on the site is correct, complete or up-to-date and the services offered through this site are accessible, uninterrupted and error free. (Which may be due to unauthorized interventions on the site)

 - Product images and colors are only indicative and may differ from the actual product image. This does not change their basic features

 - The use of this site implies acceptance of these terms

 - This site is the exclusive property of West RomTrucks SRL

 - The copying, reproduction or partial or full use of the content of this site without the consent of the owner is prohibited and is punished according to the laws in force

 - West RomTrucks reserves the right to modify the structure of the site and make other changes without prior notice

 - Any unauthorized access attempt and any attempted fraud will be reported to the competent authorities



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